Matrix Therapy Outdoors

If you prefer a non-traditional talking therapy setting, the outdoor environment can be an enriching therapeutic facilitator of personal change. For some the natural environment can feel more accessible and equitable than an indoor therapy room encounter with perceptions of formality, confinement and focus personally challenging.

Outdoor spaces can promote shared ownership of the therapy relationship where there may be greater freedom of expression and escape from day to day routines that are associated with many life difficulties. Of course, there are the restorative effects of spending time in natural environments (lower blood pressure and stress levels).  Maintaining a therapeutic alliance with me in the natural environment can be of benefit for anyone who enjoys being outside in nature and would like to deepen their connection with self and others in a non-traditional enriching setting.

I'm really pleased to be able to offer my therapy sessions in familiar, local and easily accessible areas which can be agreed in advance along with time and day. Comfortable outdoor clothing and suitable footwear should be worn.