Janice Morgan-Singh

PGDip, BSc (Hons), MBACP

Counselling & Therapy 

based in Stirling, Scotland.

About You

If you are searching for or curious about counselling it may be that there is an aspect of your life that needs attention. There may be a particular issue in the present day that you wish to address, or you may feel held back by unresolved issues from your past such as trauma and abuse.  You may be aware that your symptoms are signs of underlying struggles or inner turmoil related to:





fear of abandonment or intimacy

uncertainty about work and life goals and purpose

imposter syndrome

struggles with your identity or relational conflict.

Maybe you cannot name what is troubling you or feel your life has no meaning. Take a few moments to read more about the approach I take to help you discover a deeper understanding of your present issues.

About Me

I have spent a number of years navigating the highs and lows of a successful corporate career while raising my family. I have dual heritage and a broad cultural reference to draw from in my approach to identity issues. I chose to train and qualify as a therapist to build upon my experiences and help others to heal, learn, and to grow in ways important to them.  My training was with Human Development Scotland and I hold a Postgraduate Diploma in Human Relations and Counselling accredited by Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen. 

My approach is rooted in the principles of psychodynamic therapy, a profound and time-tested method that explores the unconscious mind to reveal underlying causes of emotional challenge or distress. I provide a safe and empathetic space for you to explore your thoughts, feelings, desires and memories so you can move forward with purpose and freedom. When your symptoms can be explored and understood, the insight gained will lead to increased self-awareness. While psychodynamic therapy will assist with symptom relief, it often brings much deeper positive change. The treatment should be beneficial if you are genuinely interested in learning about yourself, relieving symptoms, are capable of self-reflection, and are inherently curious about your inner life and behaviours.

What to expect

During our first meeting we will discuss the issues you are facing and what you would like to achieve. This allows us both the opportunity to ask questions and decide on next steps.

From then we meet for 50 minutes each week. We can work open-ended or agree on a number of sessions if preferred.  My usual rate is £50 per session.  Weekly contact works best for this type of therapy, giving you the best opportunity to make progress.

Visit my FAQ section for more information. If you don't see an answer you are looking for please get in touch.