My Approach

matrix /ˈmeɪtrɪks/

'the set of conditions that provides a system in which something else originates, develops or takes form.'

I am trained as a Psychodynamic Therapist, but what does this mean? The term 'psychodynamic' is rooted in a fundamental recognition there may be things in your unconscious that you’re not aware of and are painful or keeping you stuck. I will help you look for these patterns; to understand them and find that knot so you can start unravelling all of the strands and move on with your life.

During our sessions I will encourage you to talk freely about whatever comes to mind. This is known as free association. You can talk openly, honestly, and without being judged. While we do interact, which sometimes means being directional,  I allow you to feel things are emerging at your pace so the patterns of what’s in your unconscious begin to come through, and we then explore what that means together.

For me, there are three important dimensions of human experience that form a matrix from which something new can emerge.


I am interested in how the quality of our early life relationships influence the patterned ways of thinking and feeling about ourselves and others now. Through a collaborative working partnership with me, you will begin to see these patterns emerging and how they have impacted your past and present experiences. Gaining an understanding of these patterns can promote healing and agency for change.


Not everything we say is conveyed through conscious language, and so it may be important to use our responses to dreams, silence, art, poetry and other forms of expression to notice what is just outside our awareness.  I believe that therapeutic value is a uniquely creative process, and I may draw upon creative processes if I feel they would be of therapeutic benefit.


Although Psychodynamic Therapy is known as a 'talking therapy', our bodily sensations can indicate feelings that we may not consciously be aware of, notice or be able to name. Whilst I do not use physical touch, I will draw on relevant conscious physical reactions experienced during our work together.  Coupled with your embodied experience of the environment we will  be able to see how these also shape and influence life experiences, past and present